Why Does My Chiropractor Have A Beard This Month??? There’s a good reason for it…

Chiros with facial hair

Chiropractors Raising Awareness

When you visit Chiropractie Centraal Rotterdam this month, you may notice some extra hair growing on George and Joseph’s face. No, they’re not getting rid of good hygiene practices, and they didn’t lose their razors.

Our shaggy chiropractors are participating in “No Shave November” aka “Movember” to raise awareness for cancers affecting men, including prostate and testicular cancer. We’re not the only ones participating in this event. Professional sports teams, celebrities, and businesses everywhere are getting in on the moustache and beard trend.

Grow a Moustache and Make a Statement

We are aligning with local organizations and here in Rotterdam to participate. By not shaving, we create a visual representation of our support for men’s health. Hair growth symbolizes support for those who undergo cancer treatments, many whom lose their hair as a side effect of treatment. After growing out their hair, people often donate their hair to cancer organizations in order to make wigs for patients.

To show your support, we encourage you to grow a moustache or make a charitable donation. Those who donate will be selected to shave the chiropractors at the end of the month. We will share our progress on social media throughout the month. In the meantime, feel free to stop by the office to take a photo with one of the chiropractors with your moustache, beard or donation!

Happy Movember, everyone!

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