Education, training and mentorship

At Chiropractie Centraal we take pride in our service in making sure all our chiropractors and staff are helping our clients at their fullest potential. We aim to go above and beyond the top of our profession when it comes to your care and well-being. In order to provide the best service to our clients, Chiropractie Centraal invests in extra courses, training, and programs to ensure our chiropractors are the best of the best in our profession.

Our chiropractors engage in monthly and quarterly training sessions. These training programs are in addition to our DCF/CCA and CPD credits. Our team shares their diverse knowledge and experience to offer extra insight into the special cases and profiles of our communities. We believe we are stronger together in aiding our community and colleagues.

Here at Chiropractie Centraal we heavily invest in the continual development of all our chiropractors. Much like other leading companies, we select only the best chiropractors for our team. Just 18% of applicants make it to our interview process. We offer a unique year-long mentoring program to ensure our newest chiropractors are supported in the development of their skills with the guidance of our experienced senior chiropractors. This not only helps the development of our chiropractors but ensures their success in serving our communities. This process also helps our clients benefit from the decades of knowledge and training from our staff.

Partners and Certificates

Chiropractie Centraal is affiliated with various organizations that guarantee the quality of the treatment! This way we ensure that our patients are always in good hands.


After this mentoring program, senior chiropractors have endless options for self development. With one of the largest teams of chiropractic leaders in house, our regular peer review meet-ups lead to rapid development in skill, communication, case management and practice. We also train with top health care professionals in Europe, including experienced physiotherapists. Recently, we have had the opportunity to participate in training at the University of Amsterdam skill center where we train alongside the worlds best Surgeons.

We, at Chiropractie Centraal, are the only chiropractic company in the Netherlands to offer this unique service to our staff and, by proxy, our communities. We put every effort into ensuring our chiropractors are consistently improving the way they serve others. When you see one of our chiropractors, you can feel secure knowing that in addition to the thousands of hours of study they received at university, they are consistently learning the newest research and gaining from decades of experience from our senior staff.

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