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Our chiropractors are trained to make a diagnosis themselves. You therefore never need a GP’s referral to book an appointment with us. Almost all health insurers reimburse our adjustments. Since it is reimbursed from the supplementary package, there is no compulsory deductible of € 385.

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Your First Appointment
*Students 55 euro

You will learn what we specialize in, how we work and especially how we can help you. During this conversation there is enough time to answer all your questions. During the first visit, you will also complete a questionnaire and a complete physical examination so that we can draw up a personal treatment plan with this information.

  • First chiropractic adjustment

  • Determine if chiropractic care can help you

  • No referral needed

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Regular Appointments
55 euros

This treatment will take place in our open treatment room, with comfortable treatment tables. During the treatment you do not have to change clothes or remove a piece of clothing. It is only advisable to wear something comfortable so that you feel comfortable lying on our treatment table and the chiropractor can perform the treatment.

  • Chiropractic adjustment

  • Little to no waiting time

  • For emergency appointments as well

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Deal | 12 adjustments

*Students 6 adjustments 270 euro

Regular chiropractic care, both preventive and in case of complaints, can help you improve, but also maintain, health. The discount you get with this package amounts to € 120 compared to paying 12 separate treatments! In addition, you also save valuable time at the reception, since you have already paid.

  • Valid indefinitely

  • Completed care? Get your remaining money back

  • Up to 12 separate invoices

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