The Most Common Complaint

Chiropractors approach a client with a whole-body perspective because aches and pains have multiple causes. Most clients, however, will see a chiropractor for a specific complaint. Be it soreness, immobility, sleep, or pain. By far, the most common complaint seen at our practice, and at numerous health care treatment facilities around the world, is low back pain.

Back Pain… at a Chiropractors Office… Groundbreaking.

Low back pain. Who hasn’t experienced it before? Yes, not as glamorous as a trending topic like migraines or tech neck. But it is enough to warrant countless patients to pick up their smartphone and book an appointment. Pain severity can range from a small tweak to complete immobility.
Our clients are seeking help to relieve their back pain. Odds are they have tried many alternatives before seeing us in hopes to avoid surgery or permanent disability. The low back is importance for our physical health. It keeps our bodies upright, it twists, it bends over, it helps us do a fancy jig on the dance floor. The low back is crucial to maintain a normal life.

Does Chiropractic Really Help Back Pain?

If you’re not sold on chiropractic treatment for your low back pain, it’s okay. Allow me to share a bit about how chiropractors approach clients with low back pain.

How did it start?

Is your back pain acute (happened after an incident), or chronic (been there a while… maybe longer than you’d like to admit)? Can it be contributed to a medical condition like pregnancy, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, osteoporosis etc.? Finding the reason informs the chiropractor about your treatment plan going forward.

Do you have goals?

Sounds arbitrary but these are important. Maybe you want to pick up your toddler without pain, drive across country, walk you dog, compete in a triathlon, or sleep through the night. Goals inform the chiropractor on your motivation and provides them a timeline.

Your Pain, Explained.

Bust out the anatomy posters and spine models because the chiropractor is about to get technical. Chiros have extensive education and training. In countries like the United States, chiropractors must complete a doctorate program with extensive testing and training before they can be called a chiropractor. Education in other countries with recognized chiropractic universities are just as extensive.

Your chiropractor will explain your condition and how they will treat it. Pain is experienced via the nervous system. Many times, they will explain how shifts in the spine cause impingements on the nerves causing your pain.


Time to treat your low back pain. If you’ve never seen chiropractic treatment before, here’s a video from us.

You’ll notice lots of pushing, twisting, pulling and clicks. These are precise adjustments employed at specific areas where neural connections exist. The chiropractor is realigning the nervous system. And since the nervous system runs down the neck, spine and sacrum (bones at the bottom of your spine) those are areas where much focus is placed.
Depending on the type of low back pain you have, your treatment will look like the video since it is a common treatment area. Alignment of the whole spine is important to ensure proper neural connections up to your brain.

Post Treatment

Ok so you’ve gone into the clinic, chatted with the chiropractor, and had your first treatment. What now?
As much as we would love to have a “one and done” visit to the chiropractor, you may need more than one visit. Depending on your low back pain, the chiropractor may recommend a few treatments. Remember, if you have lived in pain for weeks, months, or years, correcting it one visit might not be effective enough to keep you pain free forever. We move, we twist, we live. The chiropractor physically moved your body into alignment, so expecting everything to stay in place after so much time out of alignment is unlikely. Your muscles need to adapt to the new, correct alignment. This takes time and additional corrections to get them to cooperate.

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