Why Choose Us?


Free Motion Fysiotherapie is not like typical fysiotherapie clinics. Our goal is to engage clients with a fun and casual atmosphere while maintaining a high level of professionalism. In addition, we are one of the few clinics in the area that offers physical therapy with in house chiropractic care.

Our clients like having options! By incorporating two like-minded and complementary professions under the same roof, we find that our clients get better faster and stay better longer than in other clinics. The chiropractor is a specialist in the neurological system and in spinal and pelvic alignment; the physical therapist is a specialist in the muscular strengthening needed to maintain spinal alignment. 

In addition to having some of the best chiropractors in the area, our physical therapists also have an array of other modalities to aid in the healing process. From neck, shoulder and elbow complaints to low back, hip, knee and ankle; we are confident that you will find peace in a body that is pain-free and in Free Motion!


Lesley Rombley

Lesley was born and raised in Rotterdam. After high school she followed a tourist education. After graduation she continued work at her internship address. Lesley quickly realized the tourism industry was not her calling. As a result, she has done research into what fits her and where her interests lie. Two crucial points in searching for a suitable education motivated her: working with people and helping those in need. Based on this, she decided to take the physiotherapy course and she graduated with great passion and dedication.

During her training, Lesley completed an internship in a manual physiotherapeutic practice where head, shoulder and spine related problems were at the forefront. In addition, she did an internship in a geriatric rehabilitation center with a multidisciplinary setting. She treated elderly persons with strokes, COPD, oncological complaints, and orthopedic complaints. Lesley also followed a separate course during the training for relaxation massage. She commonly applies this intervention to people with central sensitization, increased muscle tension, and limited movement possibilities.

Immediately after the study, Lesley worked full-time in a multicultural practice, in which spine related complaints, headaches, shoulder pain and osteoarthritis were mainly seen. Because of these experiences, the affinity for the shoulder and headache symptoms were developed. Pelvic floor problems arising, for example, after pregnancy or surgery on the intestinal tract, are very appealing. Because of this, specializing in pelvic physiotherapy and dry needling are on her list for future training. BIG: 19922904504

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that assesses, diagnoses, treats, and works to prevent disease and disability through physical means. In a physiotherapy session the therapist will identify what is causing the problem by examining certain aspects of the structure of the body. Depending on the problem, the treatment plan may include releasing muscle tension, improving joint mobility and posture and increasing muscle strength in order to prevent further injury through exercises. Free Motion has expertise in movement and function and we always work closely together with our patients to create the most appropriate treatment plan that suits their needs. 

What to Bring

Please bring your identification and your health insurance card. You are welcome without a doctor’s referral, but if you have been referred by a doctor, please also bring the referral note. Please bring a towel if possible.

Insurance Coverage

The number of treatment sessions that are reimbursed will depend on your care insurance package. Please check your insurance policy for the number of reimbursable treatments. For questions, please contact us.

Are you sufficiently insured for physiotherapie?

If your additional insurance package will cover the costs for physio-therapeutic treatments, there will be no deductible required. For more information about the differences in the basic insurance coverage, additional insurance and “restitutie” or “natura” policy concerning physical therapy treatments, click here.

Cancellation policy

If for any reason you cannot make your appointment we require notice at least 24 hours in advance. A € 30,- charge will apply if the appointment is not cancelled in time. These costs will not be covered by the insurance companies; you will be fully responsible for those costs.

Terms of Payment

In general, the declarations of the treatment (s) will be submitted directly to your insurer. In some cases you may be billed directly, e.g. in cases where you have exceeded the number of treatment sessions covered by your insurance. All sessions not covered by insurance policies will be billed according to the prices listed below. Please be aware that all invoices should paid within 14 days.


Service Pijs (€)
Regular physiotherapy treatment € 35,-
Screening, intake, and assessment € 45,- 
Intake and assessment after referral € 45,-
One-time physiotherapy assessment including report € 55,-
Additional fee for house visits *€ 50,-
Missed appointment € 30,-
* Please contact us for more details.  


Free Motion Physiotherapy ensures quality!
We are part of the Royal Dutch Society for Physical Therapy (KNGF), a professional association continuously working to improve the quality of physiotherapy in the Netherlands. Free Motion physiotherapists continuously follow training and education in accordance with the guidelines of the Royal Dutch Society for Physical Therapy and are registered in the Central Quality Register (CKR).


Free Motion always strives to meet your expectations for physiotherapy. Should you have any issues, complaints or suggestions please contact us via email, phone or directly in person. Your complaint will be taken seriously and we are keen to find an acceptable solution. If your complaint still has not resolved, you can address your concerns to the Royal Dutch Society for Physical Therapy:

Royal Dutch Society for Physical Therapy ( KNGF )
Stadsring 159b, 3817 BA Amersfoort.

Our Location

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