About Chiropractic Qualifications

Chiropractic Qualifications

In 2005 the World Health Organization (WHO) published guidelines for education in chiropractic. In general, the World Health Organization lists three potential educational paths involving full time chiropractic education across the globe. This includes: 1 – 4 years of pre-requisite education in basic sciences at University level followed by a 4 year full time Doctorate program; ‘DC’; A 5 year integrated bachelor degree; BSc.(Chiropractic),B.(Chiropractic); A two – three year Masters programme following the completion of a bachelor degree; MSc.(Chiropractic).
Regardless of the model of education utilised, prospective chiropractors without relevant prior health care education or experience, must spend no less than 4200 student/teacher contact hours (or the equivalent) in four years of full time education. This includes a minimum of 1000 hours of supervised clinical training.

The Chiropractic education involves study In Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Chiropractic Technique, Research, Diagnosis, Radiology and Radiography.

All our Chiropractor are registered with the Stichting Nationaal Register van Chiropractoren, the Dutch Chiropractie Federation, Christian Chiropractors Association and the International Chiropractic Association. These are required for all insurance reimbursements in the Netherlands.

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