Chiropractie Centraal Working Rotterdam’s Winter Fair

Joseph and George with sign reading Free Spine Checks in Dutch

This year’s Winter Fair was fantastic! Last weekend, Chiropractie Centraal offered free spine checks to Winter Fair attendees. Everyone who visited the Chiropractie Centraal booth received a personal assessment on the condition of their spine. This was a great opportunity for guests to ask questions regarding their health and chiropractic care.

Several guests were surprised at the state of their back. Many have never received a personalized assessment before. Joseph and George were able to detect conditions that required immediate attention in some, while others were surprised when the chiropractors found painful areas within the first few seconds of being checked.

With all the attention we dedicated to our visitors, the lines grew longer and guests patiently waited up to 20 minutes for their free spine check. Chiropractie Centraal’s team followed up with the clients who required special attention or had further questions regarding their health.

We look forward to more events in the future. In the meantime, schedule your free spine check today via our website or by calling 010-2614092. We hope to promote better health to everyone in the New Year!

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