What to Expect?

What can I expect of my care plan at Chiropractie Centraal?

1. Report of Findings

During the intake we will go through your medical history with you, perform a posture analysis, and complete a physical examination. We will explain how we work, what chiropractic entails, and present you with a personalized care plan. We also ensure there is enough time to answer any questions you may have. You will also receive your first adjustment right away.

2. The Intensive Phase

During this phase we try to get rid of the pain and discomfort as quickly as possible. We also work on improving the function and the active range of your spine and nervous system. We will see you more often during this phase. How often this occurs depends on your personalized care plan that the chiropractor draws up with you.

3. Evaluation

During this appointment, your progress is discussed with the chiropractor. A new posture analysis is done and, after reviewing the results, a new care plan is drawn up together for the next phase of healing. During this appointment you will also receive exercises to perform at home. You will also get adjusted during the evaluation appointment.

4. The Stabilization Phase

During this phase you will get started on the exercises that you received during the evaluation. The exercises are specifically put together for you and are aimed at strengthening the muscles around your spine. Chiropractic adjustments will continue to ensure your spine stays aligned. As your body continues to process the healing effects of the adjustments, the appointments are planned further apart. This phase is especially important to prevent relapse. (see graph below)

5. Re-evaluation

Together with the chiropractor the results and healing of the second phase are reviewed. Any remaining questions you still might have can be discussed in detail during this appointment as well. Together with the chiropractor, you will review what the best route towards maintenance and prevention is for your body. You will also be adjusted during this appointment.

6. The Maintenance Phase

The appointments are scheduled even further apart. The purpose of these appointments is to keep your spine and nervous system in prime condition. The stress of everyday life (sitting down for longer periods of time, desk work, family life, etc.) means that problems can recur over time. The maintenance appointments help keep your spine aligned and in the right position. It ensures that problems do not return and that you can keep functioning optimally.

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