Types of Conditions

The chiropractor treats different types of spinal disorders that cause muscle or nerve pain. An initial physical examination will take place prior to adjusting. Similar to other doctors, the chiropractor will first perform a physical exam to establish an accurate diagnosis. Furthermore, X-rays or a CT scan can also be used to determine the diagnosis. Below is a list of conditions that the chiropractor treats. Even if your condition is not listed here, you can still contact us to find out if chiropractic is right for you.


Arthrosis is a joint disease caused by the breaking down of the joint cartilage and the underlying bone.
Joint pain and stiffness are the most common symptoms with this sort of condition.
The symptoms often slowly progress over the years.
At the start, complaints may only occur after exercise but can become constant over time. With chiropractic the ease and freedom of movement of the affected joints between the vertebrae can be improved. In this way we ensure that the wear and tear process is not accelerated and possibly even stop it from getting worse!

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Approximately 3 out of 4 adults suffer from back pain caused by bruising or spraining of the back. Sprains occur when the ligament (the strong connective tissue that holds our bones together) is torn or overstretched. A strain is damage to the tissue such as a muscle or tendon. Either of these can happen if you lift too heavy a weight, if you exercise, or even if you bend or turn over incorrectly. The pain can be burning, stinging or tingling

Neckache & Headache

Neckache can cause cervicogenic headache (headache from the neck). You will usually feel this type of headache at the back of your head, at the temples, or behind the eyes. Cervicogenic headaches may be mistaken for migraines or cluster headaches (Horton’s disease).
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Coccyalgia is pain that arises from the tailbone. People who fall down on their tailbone or cycle for longer periods can develop this type of pain. The pain may get worse when sitting. The pain can also develop for no apparent or clear reason.

Disc Degeneration

Intervertebral disc degeneration is usually associated with the aging process. When we get older, our intervertebral discs (the pads between the vertebrae) can start to deviate or become deteriorated due to extensive use or abuse. The intervertebral discs can lose their flexibility, resilience, and shock absorbing qualities. They can also become thinner with dehydration.


Disc herniation usually occurs in the neck or lower back. Hernia can cause pain if the outer ring (annulus fibrosus) or the internal mass (nucleus pulposus) presses on the nearest nerve. Often there is also pain radiating towards the limbs.

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Scoliosis is a misalignment of the spine. No spine is perfect, but a considerable curvature in the spine can cause a lot of pain and problems! In some cases, mild cases of scoliosis can also cause pain and reduced mobility. Do you suffer from this condition? Not to worry. Chiropractic has been a commonly used treatment by scoliosis patients for years.

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Sports Injury

Whether it is an injury due to football, a boxing session, a game of tennis, snowboarding, skiing, or another (extreme) sport, chiropractic can offer a solution in many cases. Of course, sports generally are a healthy activity. You want to be able to perform this activity for as long and responsibly as possible! Not only can chiropractic help in the healing process, but it can also prevent sports injuries in the future.

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Myofascial Pain

Myofascial pain is a chronic pain condition where pressure on sensitive parts of the muscles (trigger points) can cause severe pain. This type of pain can also radiate to other parts of the body. Sometimes myofascial pain feels like a tight knot in your muscle and usually occurs when you have used the muscle a lot.

Piriformis Syndrome

Piriformis syndrome can occur when the piriformis muscle (a thin muscle located in the buttock) is compressed or presses on the gluteal nerve. The symptoms of this are also known as sciatica. You can get or have pain and / or tingling and numbness that continues through the buttock down to one or two legs. The pain is sometimes described as a sharp pain that resembles an electric shock.

Leg Length Difference

A difference in leg length can have several causes. Both structural (e.g., birth disorders) and postural problems (e.g., pelvic rotation) may play a part.

Spondylosis or Arthritis

Spondylosis or spinal arthritis can affect the small joints (facet joints) at the back of the spine. This type of arthritis is usually caused by the aging process.


Whiplash is an acceleration-deceleration mechanism in which forces act on the neck. It often occurs in (car) accidents, but it can also be the result of diving. The neck and head are suddenly and quickly moved forward (hyperflexion) and backward (hyperextension) like a whip. This rapid movement can lead to a severe neck sprain or strain.


From the moment of conception, your body undergoes a series of changes. Back, pelvic, and posture changes can cause unwanted pain and discomfort. The good news is that chiropractic can help!

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